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Hiragana - it's beginning

Two weeks ago, we started language learning with our good friend from church, Anna Hulbert. A decade ago, she spent some time in Japan, and became quite proficient in Japanese! She has graciously committed herself to teach us Kana (hirigana and katakana) before she leaves Columbia.

Japanese language is comprised of 3 writing systems. Kanji (the Chinese symbols), Hirigana (curvy and everyday speech-used to be for women and servants), and Katakana (more angular-phonemes used to make words adopted from other languages). Anna thinks we can learn the Hiragana writing system by May!

Between the two of us, Jeremy is the 'language' person, getting his degree in linguistics and learning languages fairly easily, while I struggle to learn anything verbal. Drawing the hiragana has been fun, and I even have this useful work book that uses picture mnemonics. You can see by the purple crayon marks Evee has wanted to learn too, which is exciting that she already wants to take part in our language learning.

Today, we take our first quiz, and there will be prizes. I think I have brushed up enough on my characters, but if there are any words I'm going to fail. :)

Please continue to read up on how we are doing! pray for us for this language learning endeavor, it takes up a lot of mind space for my mommy brain.

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