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Recent birthday and update on Language learning

This past weekend we celebrated Verity's first birthday! we had some family come into town and had a blast watching her demolish a cake all to herself. She is such a sweet and vibrant girl! Already, i can tell she is less cautious than Evee. We watch her climb on everything and walking is sure to be soon. Here's a pic of our darling

we have another class coming up in two days, which will include a pretty extensive quiz over the past 2 units. I have to say, I could use some prayer going into these times. It can be taxing for my brain go back and forth between mommy and student (it's been quite a few years!) in addition to the subject matter being particularly difficult for me! That being said, the past 2 quizzes, Jeremy and I have done very well, and have our awesome teacher Anna to thank.

On Saturday, we will quiz over basic counters, review family members and job/roles, as well as name from map the different major cities and Islands of Japan. I feel like I'm already learning so much!

Sorry it's been so long since an update! Jeremy will be posting some recent videos we have done related to our lives and Japan, which he's previously posted to Facebook, but wanted to make sure we had here for those who follow this blog!

Sayonara! さよなら

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