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A new field

As a new semester starts at the university and colleges here in Columbia, our missional community is going into a new series - a missional take on 'TED talks'. Jeremy was encouraged by a friend and fellow MC leader to have our MC members each take a topic in our life (passion, hobby, duty) and enlighten our community into what it is, why it matters, why the Gospel matters in midst of it. Since this challenge has arisen I have been thinking about what gets me excited and motivated as a person. What am i going to talk about??

Well for some back story, for the past year, going to the gym has been such a chore, a good one, but a chore nonetheless. However, when I am a part of a team, I'M STOKED. In the past this has looked like doing the Warrior Dash with some friends, where we spent months training together. The training months led to deepening some friendships, as well as meeting some of my closest friends. It hit me that I needed to be back in a team environment, sweating and suffering together with some other ladies! It was within the same week of this realization that my husband introduced me to the president of the local ladies rugby team. I thought, 'WHY NOT?!'. Well, of course, there are a lot of reasons why not, if you know anything about the sport, but I was also motivated by the fact that my mom played about a decade ago and thoroughly loved it :)

Why does this matter? Here's a local group of women, they are spending a considerable amount of time together, at least 2-3 times a week, they bond over something that matters to them, and they are working towards the same goal of improving their sport, and winning a game. I love this! I can work towards this goal and have a blast, and hopefully in the midst of it, have seriously meaningful conversations about what else matters in life-aka, the Gospel. Please pray for me in this new endeavor- to be a light, an encouragement, and an asset to the team.

On another front, Evee has started her first year of preschool! We originally signed her up for 2 days a week, thinking she would need more time to adjust to being away from home. Not our Evee! She flies right into class, and leaves with a smile! She will now be attending class 4 times a week, starting next week. Please keep Evee and me in your prayers regarding her keeping a great attitude and thriving, as well as for me maintaining a good relationship that points to the gospel with her teachers. It's been within these times between school and the gym that I made a new acquaintance- we drop off our kids and go to the gym, and then pick them up. This is another area I want to be intentional in; pray for that relationship to deepen and that there would be fruitful conversations. Here's a pic of our sweet little E.

Finally, please pray for our friend Anna (who is teaching us Japanese) and her family! Her brother is going through treatment for cancer, and in support of him, she is traveling weekly to St. Louis, MO to be with him. Please pray for his health, for her travels, for their family to know the love that God has for them, and that they would experience joy and peace in this time of suffering.

Thank you and love you all!

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