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May has been crazy!

it's really been too long since we have written! we have packed our May from beginning to end-all thus far have been such a joy to experience. The beginning of the month we got to spend a long Mother's day weekend in St. Louis with family and friends. Jeremy took 2 days off of work so we could make time to hang out with old friends and connect. This was also our first time making support appointments. We enjoyed sharing what God has laid on our hearts but also we were encouraged to see the response of our friends having a heart for the hurting and lost of Japan. Following that time we were able to spend a fun weekend with my side of the family, which Mom and me got to go on a nice long bike ride :) Mother's day was great, the food was amazing, and all the Mothers I enjoyed it with have been such an amazing blessing in my life.

We got to see a lot of friends, unfortunately, i got too few pictures from our weekend :( but, here are some :)

Here's a couple pics of the girls at my folks house, they rolled around in the grass and were so itchy from it!

Lily and Evee. best friends like their mommas :)

Below is one of my best friends, Audrey. we got to have dinner and play time with our littles at her parent's house. it's so sweet to see our little girls be so close already!

the picture below is us with Steve and Gwen Warmack (and their first grandson, Jack!). They are Audrey's parents which I have known since i was about 15 years old. Over the years they have never stopped being gracious and accommodating to me- they love me so well. I'm so thankful for them!

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