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the mission

To encourage the local church and make disciples of Jesus who make disciples through everyday life for the rest of their lives.


The Need

In a country of 130 million, less than 1% know Christ as their savior.  It is a country with a rapidly declining birth rate as the people become more concerned with work than relationships. It is not uncommon for most Japanese working people to work a minimum of 60 hours a week.  On top of that, you have a sex trafficking industry with many gray areas where a man or woman can find whatever they desire for a price. Japan has one of the leading rates of suicide in the world as people fall to these idols of work, success and instant pleasure that never truly satisfy. The gospel need is real, yet millions of Japanese do not even have a friend who can share with them the hope of the gospel.


The Way

In Matthew 28, Jesus lays out his great commission to believers. In the book of Acts we see the church built up by the power of His Holy Spirit just as he said.  We believe that it is through the local church that real, lasting, gospel change occurs for individuals and so we plan to join Yoshito Noguchi and his young church plant in Fuchu, Tokyo to encourage, support and train up disciples.


Our Part

As we see throughout Acts and the New Testament, we believe that Missional Communities are the strongest and most biblical form of reaching Japan and the world.  That is, a gospel community on mission in a specific place for a specific people by living out the gospel through everyday actions and speaking the gospel in natural occurring relationships with both believers and not-yet believers. As a Missional Community leader here in my local church, we will look to initially support and encourage the existing Missional Communities in Fuchu while becoming accustomed to the culture in order to one day multiply more Missional Communities throughout Tokyo as God’s Spirit powerfully brings people to saving knowledge, faith and repentance in Christ.


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