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Sending our team...

Last Tuesday we said goodbye to our dear friends, Drew and Meg and their 20 month old, Takumi. Drew and Meg are the family we plan on doing ministry with in Tokyo who have been a part of Karis for the last few years. The past two months, we had the pleasure of hosting them while they wrapped up support raising state side.

While there are lots of emotions about them being gone, I first want to take time to write about what the past two months meant to us. When Drew called Jeremy and told us they would be comign back to Columbia one last time before Tokyo and needed a place to stay, we jumped on the opportunity! We felt God had placed a priceless opportunity to deepen the friendship we had before we ultimately would be placed overseas away from our family and friends here in the States.

Over the last two months, we got to have late night conversations and desserts after the kids went to bed. Built-in babysitters for last minute date nights. We had playdates everyday with 3 bubbling children, excited to greet the day saying ‘where’s Takumi!?’ or “Evaa, Veratay??” rattling the dividing gate between the kitchen and basement stairs. We got to see our kids grow close, and also connect our hearts as well to each other. We also had tough conversations about where we were lacking in trust in God. Conversations about how we failed our spouses, or even how we saw the other sin against their spouse and that they needed to make things right. We grew together as a small community in our 114 Leslie Ln house.

I’m joyful in saying that this is a taste of what we expect to live out in Tokyo, being a loving and joyful community in a city in need of Christ. As Jeremy gathered our small sending group last Tuesday morning, we circled around Drew, Meg and Takumi and prayed one last time together as a family. We then stood on our stoop to watch them tuck away from the rain inside the truck, to leave to the airport. We know that this is not the last time we will see them but a short pause until we are reunited in Japan. We are so thankful for your support which will help make that time until we are reunited shorter. Shortly, we will begin to send a regular newsletter to our supporters, so if you are interested in that, please send me your email! Thank you again for your prayers and support, the need is so great in Japan, we long to be doing ministry there soon!

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