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future trips for jeremy

It's been awhile since we have posted! the past month has been very busy with traveling, sickness, house work and projects, doctor appointments, school, more traveling, Evee's birthday and the list goes on with the daily hustle. For Evee's birthday we got to visit with lots of family and she had a lot of fun on Valentines day with her classmates and some other buddies. It seems the entire week was dedicated to our sweet Evee and the celebration of her birth 4 years ago! We are thankful to be in a new year and with instilling new norms on how we spend our time during the week. Jeremy has been taking Saturday or Sunday afternoons to work on Japan-bound related work, as well as slowly but surely finishing the basement bathroom to improve the value of our home. Likewise, I have busied myself with purging and organizing the home to help make things run smoother. I've even rearranged the main floor quite a bit to make more room for guests to spread out in our living room and dining room. Another change in our lives with the start of the new year was Jeremy handing over the leadership of our Missional Community to a young intern at out church who has been a part of our weekly family nights for over a year. We still host at our home every Monday evening as a way to live out the call to make disciples by sharing a meal together, devoting ourselves to the teaching of the word and prayer. We are excited for Timothy's vision and leadership. (He and his wife are also praying about potentially moving to Japan on mission with us!)

We are excited about upcoming trip opportunities. Jeremy will be attending an Acts 29 conference this summer, which he just got approved to attend. Our church is taking a small group to Tokyo to visit Drew and Meg and do college outreach as well. You can be praying for us in a few ways:

  • Pray God would draw Jeremy and I close even when we spend a lot of time working

  • Pray we can make wise decisions on how much to travel/meet up before Jeremy's pulled away from his full time job

  • Pray that we continue to be intentional with the relationships God has given us here in Columbia

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